About Samyukta Kartik

Hi there! I’m Samyukta Kartik.

I’m a Vegan Culinary Artist. I create meaningful and memorable dining experiences through healthy, nourishing plant-based food. As the Founder of YUME, I seek to educate others on the vast creative scope of plant foods, while connecting the dots between animal rights, health & wellness, the environment, and what’s on our plates.

A few years ago, I quit my job to do something more attuned to my purpose and core values – something that would promote kindness toward animals and contribute to a better world. By choosing this path, I was able to find my truest expression through food as a medium. I am mostly self-taught, but I levelled up my skills along the way by training with highly experienced raw chefs at Matthew Kenney Culinary PLANTLAB in Barcelona. I am now a trained and certified Raw Foods specialist, based primarily in Auroville, an eco-village in South India. No matter which part of the world I’m in, I always work with fresh, seasonal produce local to the region. 

After completing my culinary training, I’ve worked on a vast range of projects – from curating fine dining pop up dinners, to workshops, menu consulting, restaurant staff training, vegan content writing (for abillionVeg), and hosting other collaborative pop ups. YUME Culinary is the manifestation of my desire to do what I love and love what I do! 

YUME [pronounced “you-may”]

in Japanese, means dream / vision / sprout.

Many years back I happened to get a Japanese Yume tattooed on my arm without rhyme or reason; little did I know it would eventually come full circle, culminating into this vegan culinary dream!

Educate yourself to make delicious food, enjoy eating it, and liberate the beautiful creatures we share this planet with, by leaving them off your plates. That is exactly my vision for this platform I have created for all you lovely people.

You may eat, educate, liberate.


With Love,

Samyukta Kartik

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